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Smokin Bones BBQ is a neighborhood kind of place that cooks up BBQ good enough to make it a true destination. It was created by Eddie Stuckey who happened to be passionate about food in general and BBQ in particular. We believe BBQ is at its best when all of its powerful flavors combine and harmonize. The rich, natural flavors of the meat. The savory flavor of hardwood smoke. The spiciness of the rub. The sweetness or pungency of the sauce. When these elements are in balance, you have found BBQ heaven.

We’ve worked hard to match the right cut of meat with the right rub, wood smoke, sauce, and cooking technique. Our proprietary sauces and rubs are lovingly crafted from scratch in our own kitchen. Same goes for our sides. It’s a bit more work to do it this way, but we believe the results are well worth it.

“Find Our Trailer"

You can find us in the parking lot of our sister store Chimney & Fireplace Works locates at
43 S Stoughton Road in Madison WI

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BBQ travels well. It’s easy to serve. And people love it. It’s perfect for corporate meetings and events, picnics, reunions, birthday parties, bachelor parties, graduations, and, heck, even holiday parties, anniversaries, weddings, showers, baptisms, and Bar Mitzvahs (OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but we think Bar-BQ Mitzvah has a nice ring). Smokin Bones BBQ can put together a simple pick-up meal for a dozen guests. We can deliver a complete meal for you to serve at your home or office. Or, if you’re thinking bigger, we can set up, stock, and manage a buffet for a crowd of hundreds (or thousands). Just let us know what you need.

To see how Smokin Bones BBQ can make your upcoming event unique and fun with the addition of great BBQ, give us a call at 608-206-5023 or drop us a line.

We offer the following services:


Let us know when you want to pick up your order and we’ll have it ready to pack up when you arrive. If you’re traveling a long distance, or aren’t serving immediately, we offer thermal packaging to keep everything fresh and hot a while longer. Please note that on particularly busy days, we may not have the specific pickup time you want. Be assured that we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Contactless Delivery Service

Let Smokin Bones BBQ bring the BBQ to you safely with contactless delivery. Our $40 delivery service includes thermal packaging, disposable plates, utensil kits and serving pieces, and delivery within a 10-mile radius. Additional mileage is $.50 per mile each way.

Catering delivery is subject to the availability of drivers. We may not be able to accommodate all delivery requests or last minute schedule changes. Catering delivery is subject to the availability of drivers. We may not be able to accommodate all delivery requests or last minute schedule changes.

Event Staffing

For the ultimate Smokin Bones BBQ experience at your home, office, or other venue, we offer on-site service, including slicing and pulling of meats, buffet management and replenishment. ** On-site services are subject to staff availability.

** Gratuity not included




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43 S Stoughton Rd Madison, WI




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Tuesday through Friday 11am-5PM

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